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I was 110 years old at 51!

Why was it happening to me? I tried every vitamin and supplement available. No matter what I took or how long I took them, nothing happened. I ate what people in authority told me to eat. You know, the five basic food groups which have now, at last, been changed to something closer to the truth. Then, I learned that many of the things that were supposed to help me were actually doing me harm. I learned that medical doctors are experts in drug therapy and know little or nothing about nutrition. I discovered that most vitamins are made of petrochemicals and they were destroying my bodyís natural immunity. My body, starved for calcium, was taking it out of my bones. I lost a half inch from the bones supporting my teeth and yet drinking milk made it worse. Why? Because the calcium in cows milk is unusable to the body to the point that studies show milk as a possible cause, instead of a prevention, of osteoporosis.
Nervousness plagued me. We had no health insurance to help pay for my body problems and my husband, ten years older, was having his own health problems working in the only profession he knew. I was scared. Neither traditional nor alternative medicine worked. Everyone I saw meant well, they just didnít know. Then, I decided the answer was to take responsibility for my own health. To learn what my body needed to get well.
Through my studies I found the answer in the writings of Dr. John Christopher, an incredibly successful natural healer who founded the natural healing school where I later got my Master Herbalist Certificate. Iíve been, and still am, a student of Dr. Richard Schulze, the world famous herbalist and naturopathic doctor.
While so many alternative medical practitioners talk the talk, most have little or no practical experience. Where as, my teachers and I have also walked the walk. I study only from those who have practical experience working with people and I, too, am not a just another ďtext book herbalistĒ.
As a result, Iíve learned to make herbal formulas that are 15 to 20 times stronger and more effective than others and Iím the technical consultant for J. D. Rite, Inc. They make my formulas under the name of Herbs That Work! I buy their herbs for them, supervise and test their products so I know how good they are. I go to this extra trouble because I want you to get well!
Why do people call me ďThe cbd oil pureĒ? That's what I do. Iím not a medical doctor. I donít treat, diagnose, prescribe or cure. I help people take charge of their own health the way I did. Health is a journey that you can enjoy by listening to your own body and doing what it tells you to do. Iíve coached many people, showing them how to do just that, helping them through difficult times, helping them find what the truth is and how they can use it to get and stay well.

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